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Mission and values

Inspired by its corporate philosophy, Pomerleau has implemented a Code of Ethics which clearly defines the principles and expectations with respect to the conduct the Company, its leaders, employees, and administrators, as well as all those who represent it, must have. The Company is committed to making sure the principles conveyed in its Code of Ethics are respected in every aspect of its business relationships. The following mission and values are part of Pomerleau's Code of Ethics.


The Pomerleau mission statement reads as follows:

  • Be and remain the best Canadian builder for medium-to-large scale institutional, residential, industrial, commercial, and civil engineering projects by ensuring each is an undeniable success for both society and our clients;
  • Make our mark through the added value our seasoned team brings to the project from the outset;
  • Work with the best interests of our clients in mind;
  • Offer the best price-quality ratio for construction projects to all our clients;
  • Deliver high-quality construction work;
  • Set ourselves apart through the innovative ideas originating from our experienced team and our collaborators;
  • Deploy our knowledge and our best efforts to ensure the work undertaken under our responsibility respects the project schedule and the budget established by our clients;
  • Collaborate so that our projects are great successes;
  • Deploy our knowledge and best efforts in order to come up with innovative, efficient solutions according to the limitations and challenges arising throughout project delivery; and
  • Maintain at all times a safe environment, preserve the health and safety of all those in contact with our construction work, and respect and protect the environment where our work is performed.


At Pomerleau, each and every individual is responsible for taking care of the Company's reputation. Furthermore, each employee is the guardian of Pomerleau values, which are the foundation on which all their actions rest. Pomerleau's values are:

  • Respect;
  • Rigour;
  • Relationships;
  • Solutions; and
  • Innovation.

Pomerleau's values are embodied and reflected in the following behaviours, all of which are endorsed and encouraged in our corporate culture. For example:


  • Abiding by the industry's highest standards in terms of ethics and integrity;
  • Creating and fostering an organizational culture built on respect, harmony, and professionalism in all of our actions;
  • Being committed on a corporate level to the community; and
  • Acting responsibly and in harmony with approaches that respect and protect the environment;


  • Responding efficiently to the expectations of our clients, advising them, and delivering projects on time and according to the budget that has been established;
  • Acting and making each decision while being driven by the obligation to obtain results;
  • Being committed to working and delivering projects according to the highest standards of our industry; and
  • Conducting our work in the safest possible environment in order to preserve the health and safety of our employees and project participants who move in and around Pomerleau construction sites;


  • Accompanying our clients by providing them with continuous, professional guidance during each step of the project;
  • Always trying to surpass the overall expectations of our clients;
  • Protecting the reputation and promoting the success of our business partners; and
  • Developing employee potential in order to create tomorrow's construction industry leaders;


  • Being committed to always delivering the best possible work; and


  • Being preoccupied with constantly innovating in terms of work methods, as well as managing and using state-of-the-art equipment;
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