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With nearly 50 years of history behind it, Pomerleau has developed expertise in all facets of the Canadian construction business, from medium- to large-scale institutional, industrial, commercial, infrastructure and civil engineering projects.

Pomerleau accompanies its clients through all phases of their projects, from preconstruction to commissioning. Its services are delivered by seasoned teams of professionals with recognized skills in construction management, design-build, general contracting and more.

Through the years, Pomerleau's solid knowledge of construction techniques has enabled it to develop efficient management tools. It uses, among others, a real-time high-performance Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software system to ensure that the project team has an accurate take on the final cost of the work, resulting in superior decision-making during the course of a project. Pomerleau also uses Building Information Modelling or BIM to generate and manage a comprehensive and intelligent 3D to 6D (3D+time+budget+maintenance) model of a future facility. Presently, BIM technology, together with its accompanying methods and the processes, is a major component of the company's continuous quality improvement strategy.

Pomerleau is in a period of significant growth. It has recently opened offices in Kingston and Toronto, ON and; St. John's, NL. In addition, Pomerleau has been expanding through acquisitions. In October 2012, the firm acquired the assets of Neilson Inc., a major Quebec-based firm specializing in the civil engineering and infrastructure in Quebec and Western Canada. This acquisition expands Pomerleau's range of services with new cutting-edge expertise and strengthens its position in the growth markets of energy, infrastructure and the Quebec Plan Nord. In addition, in early 2013, Pomerleau acquired the assets of Santerre Électrique, another Quebec-based firm with expertise in electrical high, medium and low tension works. In addition, wind farm constructor Borea, jointly owned by Pomerleau and Blattner, a U.S. leader in the wind energy market, acquired the assets of Eagle West Wind Energy Inc. This company has provided wind turbine installations equalling more than 1,100 MW of wind energy across Canada, including all four wind farms in British Columbia and more than half of the wind farms in Alberta.

A Pioneer in Sustainable Buildings

As one of the first general contractors to join the Canada Green Building Council in 2005, Pomerleau can offer its clients construction methods and processes that meet the requirements of LEED® Certification, thereby adding significant value to their projects.

Pomerleau has been entrusted with the construction of several LEED® facilities in Quebec, Atlantic Canada and Ontario. Nearly 40 more Pomerleau projects are currently seeking Platinum, Gold, Silver or general LEED® Certification. Furthermore, this initiative has led to having more than 40 LEED-Accredited Professionals on staff. In fact, Pomerleau's Toronto office, which received LEED-Commercial Interiors (CI) certification in 2014, is a concrete example of its commitment to sustainable initiatives.

Leader in Health and Safety

For Pomerleau, nothing is more important than the health and safety of its people, its clients and partners. For this reason, the company has developed a health and safety program containing specific methods and procedures to ensure projects are carried out safely and accidents prevented. Pomerleau's health and safety program is one of the most effective in the construction industry. It has long been recognized by safety associations in all the provinces where the company does business. Safety plans are tailored to client requirements and the specific risks of the project.

The effectiveness of this program has been studied and approved by the CSST, Quebec's workplace health and safety board.  Pomerleau has received an average grade of 96%.  Clearly above the national average, this result demonstrates that Pomerleau's health and safety program is among the most efficient of the construction industry. In 2013, Pomerleau took its commitment to safety one step further and rolled out SafeStart - a training program focused on personal accountability and continuous improvement. Employee and subcontractor participation in the program is mandatory. For several years now, Pomerleau has been meeting annually with worksite and provincial safety board personnel annually to review health and safety procedures, discuss innovations and share best practices.

Pomerleau is building a culture where everyone understands and actively shares its commitment to health and safety.

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Printed on: October 22, 2016