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The Pomerleau team had to demolish 21,275 m² of the truck plant and extend the area to 40,000 m² to accommodate a new production line of 40 Class 7 trucks per shift. The team also added exterior receiving docks.

Divided into several assembly departments, paint shops and testing facilities, the plant's total production capacity is 120 trucks a day over three shifts.

The plant's envelope consists of precast concrete and composite metal panels. The offices, in brick, have punch windows.

Pomerleau's initial mandate consisted mainly of work on the building. It was expanded to a $71-M contract that included the civil engineering, structural work and construction management of the entire $125-M project, including the process. The initial construction management mandate was converted to a Guaranteed Maximum Price contract at the ± 60% design progress point.

Pomerleau's Principal Achievements:

  • The team delivered the project in record time.
  • The hybrid contract resulted in shared savings of $1M.
  • The team showed its ability to handle a complex construction project with a minimum of design information
    as well as an ability to interpret and coordinate engineering for which there were few details available.
  • The team also showed its ability to manage a project classified as Major Industrial by the CSST (Quebec's worker health and safety board), successfully applying all the special regulations governing labour and safety on the site.
  • The team erected the frame, carried out the concreting and constructed the mechanical wells in the record time of 2.5 months, working from incomplete preliminary sketches.
  • Pomerleau completed $7-M of the project using its own direct hires, thereby reducing costs substantially in comparison with the project's initial budget.
Type of project :
Type of contract mode :
Guaranteed maximum price (GMP)
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