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Dock #31 – Extension and Reinforcement

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Dock #31 in the Port of Sept-Îles is used to transfer iron ore to 180,000-ton ships. This project consisted of extending the dock with the assistance of two dolphins and reinforcing one of its extremities with a reinforced concrete structure on piles. The dolphins are structures on pier piles at which a ship can dock or haul up. Each structure is composed of a mass of 243 m3 of reinforced concrete supported by four drilled, rock-anchored piles. In total, there were 13 36-inch rock-anchored piles and eight 42-inch rock-anchored piles.

The work consisted of:

  • Placing the piles that would serve as foundations for the dolphins and the reinforcment of Dock #31. The reinforcement is composed of three piles and 145 m3 of concrete;
  • Hollowing the overburden in the piles;
  • Drilling the sockets in the rock including the installation of anchors;
  • Formwork, reinforcement and concreting of dolphins;
  • Provision and installation of steel foot bridges to link the existing dock with the new structures;
  • Provision and installation of berthing elements (fenders) and mooring bollards;
  • Provision and installation of worked metals (kerbs, ladders, parapets).


  • Sludge management and disposal of materials from the pile hollowing and socket drilling so as not to disturb aquatic wildlife in the area
  • Work done in the presence of ships (changing of fenders and bollards)
  • Pile drilling in a constrained space


  • Complex site navigation due to shallow waters
  • Precision work carried out from barges
  • Working with elements of nature, mainly wind, waves and tides
  • Planning work based on tides
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dock, maritime works, Port
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