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Located on Sparks Street near Parliament Hill, the Promenade Building is a suitable place to temporarily install the MP offices while West Block undergoes significant renovations. The building has 14 storeys and a two-storey underground parking space, for a total surface area of 17 950 m2. It houses the administrative offices of the Parliamentary Library and of the House of Commons, as well as those of the Library's Research and Information and Documentation branches.

The La Promenade Building was built in the 1970s and several of its systems and components had reached the end of their useful life. The building envelope, the structure and the mechanical and electrical systems required significant upgrades. In addition to work on the electrical, heating and security systems and on the foundations, all of the windows were replaced and the exterior walls were insulated.

It was also necessary to undertake a complete interior fit-up with high quality woodwork and a complex acoustic treatment. The lower floors of the building remained in operation throughout the construction work.

These renovations will extend the life of the building by approximately 25 years. In addition, the modernization of the offices and the installation of a cabling network adapted to new information technologies will create a much more functional work environment.

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Health and safety, Insurance
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