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Shawinigan Armoury

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In 1998, the Department of National Defence entered into an agreement with Pomerleau whereby the latter would construct and maintain a new armoury for reserve units in the Shawinigan area and the former would lease it for 20 years, with an option to purchase.

In its role as design-builder, Pomerleau was responsible for supervising the entire project and ensuring that the extremely tight schedule was respected. The work included the construction of the 2-storey building, which has a total surface area of 5,575 m².  The structure is steel and the cladding features brown and salmon architectural blocks with a Grenart finish.

As the military units, including the 62nd Field Artillery Regiment and the 14th Squadron Shawinigan cadets, use this armoury primarily for training, the following facilities were built:

  • Three rooms for equipment and vehicle drills
  • Officers, Non-Commissioned Officers and Enlisted messes
  • Maintenance bays for mobile heavy arms and military vehicles
  • Light weapons storage area
  • Offices
  • Indoor parking
  • Gymnasium and physical fitness training rooms.

Common areas not dedicated to military activities are available to other groups in the community.

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Design build
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Alternative financing & procurement, Financing
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