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Beauport and Charlesbourg Water Filtration Plants

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The City of Quebec awarded Pomerleau the construction management contract for these two almost identical potable water treatment plants, each with a daily treatment capacity of 56,000 m3.

In addition to carrying out the normal duties of a Construction Manager, Pomerleau is coordinating all of the project participants engaged by the City of Quebec to perform various works.

Next to the Charlesbourg plant, Pomerleau is constructing a 30,000 m3 capacity basin; at Beauport, the capacity of the existing basin is being enlarged to 31,300 m3. The construction of these basins and other connected works is an integral part of the upgrading of Quebec City's potable water treatment facilities.

Pomerleau was responsible for meeting the following objectives:

  • To maintain the plants at full operation with no impact on production and water quality.
  • To ensure that the materials specificied and the work performed are of optimal quality.
  • To deliver within schedule and on budget.
  • To provide logistical support and assistance to the City to have the deadline date of March 31, 2008 extended to cover the work in the Charlesbourg Borough.
  • To complete the work in the Beauport Borough within the time frame specified by the regulation covering drinking water, which section of the project was covered by the Quebec Municipalities Infrastructure program.
Type of project :
Water Treatment
Type of contract mode :
Construction management
water filtration
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