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Héroux-Devtek (many projects)

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Héroux-Devtek Inc., a company specialised in the design, development, manufacturing and repair of aerospace and industrial products in both the commercial and military sectors, launched a major rejuvenation program for its Longueuil, Quebec, landing gear plating facility in 2005.

The complex process of dismantling, rebuilding and reassembling began in August 2006. It was imperative that the plant's operations not be interrupted while the area was being renovated. In its role as Contractor/Integrator, Pomerleau completed gutted the space, which had to be enclosed to protect the plant's equipment and employees working only metres away. Due to the restrictive work site, extremely complex nature of the work and continuous plant operations during the entire process, excellent communication had to be maintained between Pomerleau, the client and other key players in this project.

From its initial stage, the scope of work and related financial objectives evolved to some extent. Particularly challenging civil design obstacles called for innovative solutions. The use of engineered formwork systems, for example, proved to be not only time-saving but significantly cost-efficient as well. Removable insulating panels were used to work around a municipal zoning requirement during the construction of exterior buildings that were to house mechanical installations essential for plant processes. Not only did this solution provide a flexible option, it also proved to be very economical and the job was done in record time.

During the entire process, close interaction and tight follow-ups with the plant's staff and administrative personnel allowed for the completion of a multitude of contractual activities within the client's deadline and budget. The client appreciated Pomerleau's speed of execution. According to Paul-André Brennan, Project Manager for Héroux-Devtek, the Pomerleau team demonstrated good trade practice and performance. "Your people are obviously skilled and experienced and their advice is judicious," he added.

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plant, aviation, renovation
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