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Bedford Institute of Oceanography - Phases II et III

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Pomerleau is currently working on Phase 2 of the new Level II laboratory building at the Institute. It will provide approximately 1,600 m2 of laboratory space and will replace outdated labs in three existing buildings.  It will also allow the Institute to consolidate its chemical and biological storage and freezer areas under one roof, as opposed to their current locations throughout the Institute.

In addition to its normal duties as the general contractor, the Pomerleau team is responsible for:

  • completion of the link structure
  • all interior work inside the exterior envelope
  • mechanical and electrical installations
  • location of equipment, fixture and distribution systems to provide minimum interference and maximum usable space and in accordance with manufacturer's recommendations for safety, access and maintenance
  • correct roughing-in and hook-up of equipment, fixtures and appliances
  • complete installation, in full operating condition, of laboratory exhaust fans and air handling units
  • commissioning

The excellent planning and coordination provided by the Pomerleau team ensures that the work proceeds without interfering with or disturbing pedestrian and vehicular traffic, tenant and building operations, occupants' normal work routines and  public and normal use of premises by government departments.

Because some of the renovation and work is taking place adjacent to areas where operations are ongoing, the Pomerleau team is paying particularly strict attention to dust and debris control.  In addition, the team has taken the necessary measure to maintain specified security levels.

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