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Quartier DIX30

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Inspired by American "lifestyle centres" and located at the intersection of Highways 10 and 30, Quartier DIX30 has provided Brossard with a real downtown. With the opening of this open-air mall in 2006, and its constant growth, the city is experiencing unique economic and cultural development.

Some data on this lifestyle project:

  • A total area of more than 140,000 m²
  • 4,000 parking spaces, 40% of which are underground
  • Hundreds of boutiques and stores
  • Several superstores
  • Public spaces
  • Family and gourmet restaurants
  • A cinema
  • A theatre with a 1,000-seat capacity (l'Étoile)
  • Hotel, gymnasium, spa and an agora
  • Various services (bank, hairdresser, dentist and drycleaner, among others)

Pomerleau constructed the following parts of this complex:

  • A one-storey concrete parking structure (53,417 m²; 1,150 spaces)
  • Commercial buildings L7 to L12 with a total surface area of 21,000 m2
  • A 9,300-m2 parking garage beneath Building L19, the multifunctional centre
  • Commercial buildings L13 to L18 with a total surface area of 15,800 m2
  • A commercial building with an area of some 15,000 m2 over five floors and a 1,000-seat theatre (l'Étoile)

The third phase of this project will see the addition of a hotel, a convention centre, two office tours, a second theatre, several superstores and new boutiques. The area will grow from 140,000 m2 to 214,000 m2, which will make the Quartier DIX30 the second largest mall in Canada. Pomerleau was awarded a construction management contract for the construction of eight buildings in this third phase, including a five-storey and an eight-storey building.

Type of project :
Commercial, Cultural and Recreational
Type of contract mode :
Stipulated price, Construction management
commercial, multifunctional, parking, concert
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Year of construction :
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