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Saint-Georges Potable Water Treatment Plant

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This two-year project involved the retrofit and enlargement of the city's potable water treatment plant, increasing its capacity from 11,500 m3/day to 30,000 m3/day. As General Contractor, Pomerleau was mandated to build an extension to the existing plant and increase the facility's raw water pumping capacity. The project also included the construction of new chemical-mixing, coagulation, flocculation and settling systems; the construction of an ozone manufacturing system and an ozone treating tower, and the conversion of existing coagulation, flocculation, settling and filtration tanks into six activated carbon filters.

Pomerleau also constructed a new non-chlorinated water reservoir and a chlorine contact chamber and increased the high-pressure filtration capacity. The mandate included reconditioning all electrical systems and reconditioning the entire automatic controls system. Finally, Pomerleau undertook structural works, electromechanical building works and architectural works.

Pomerleau was also responsible for the operational and performance testing, and assisting in the start-up of the water treatment equipment systems.

Throughout the entire construction period, production capacity had to be maintained at a minimum level of 11,000 m³/day.

Type of project :
Water Treatment
Type of contract mode :
Stipulated price
water filtration
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