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Queen's Quay (reconstruction)

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The Quay 96 - Queen's Quay project involved the reconstruction of a portion of the dock at the Canadian Coast Guard base in Quebec City within a schedule that met the city's requirements.

The reconstruction consisted primarily of demolition and excavation, construction of new facades using steel piles and sheet pilings, construction of an anchor wall and a coping wall, and the temporary relocation of the electrical, plumbing ventilation network in the building housing the workshops. In total, there were 39 44-inch overburden piles.

Detailed description of the work (executed in two phases):

  • Demolition and excavation of a section of the existing quay
  • Removal, right down to the riverbed, and disposal of the beams, piles and steel sheet piling that supported the quay's facade
  • Recovery and storage of designated materials and equipment
  • Disposal of demolished and excavated materials in accordance with the specifications
  • Construction and removal of a temporary supporting wall for the excavation near the workshops building
  • Construction of new facades using steel piles and steel sheet pilings
  • Installation of connectors and construction of an anchor wall and a coping wall
  • In-filling of the quay and constructing the apron's infrastructure
  • Aqueduct, drainage, electrical and telecommunications work
  • Cementitious concrete and bituminous concrete paving of the apron and repair of paving damaged by the work involved in this project
  • Installation of equipment and accessories identified in the plans (bollards, fenders, moorings, etc.)
  • Inside the workshops building:
    • Creation of a corridor to allow traffic to move from one end to the other
    • Temporary relocation and subsequent reinstallation of the electrical, plumbing and ventilation networks
    • New accesses, temporary partitions and returning the premises to their pre-existing state
  • Services, equipment, installations and labour to ensure that the electrical, fire-protection and lighting systems continued to function, the building remained operational, the daily routine of users was not disrupted, the premises remained safe and secure and the existing structures remained stable throughout the the work.
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Stipulated price
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Self-performed work, Health and safety, Insurance
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