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Rivière-aux-Mulets Bridge (reconstruction)

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The Quebec Ministry of Transportation contracted Pomerleau to replace the left bridge spanning the Rivière-aux-Mulets in Sainte-Adèle, a municipality located in the Laurentian Mountains.

The first step entailed the demolition of the old bridge located on Highway 15.  This hollow box haunched cantilver bridge with its prestressed concrete deck was opened to traffic in 1964 and was state-of-the-art at the time.   It had been constructed using the balanced cantilver method, which posed a challenge to the demolition team, especially as it was the first of its kind to be demolished in Quebec.

This complex work required the use of a hydraulic shovel equipped with cutter arms and supported by a crane solidly planted solidly on the ground. The first cut was made in the centre of the bridge and enlarged until the structure collapsed.Each step was planned in rigorous detail and the bridge came down exactly as planned, without a single incident.

Pomerleau then proceeded to build a new three-lane simply supported steel girder bridge with the following dimensions:

  • 3 spans - total length of 216 m,
  • 16 m wide,
  • more than 20 m high.
Type of project :
Type of contract mode :
Stipulated price
bridge, traffic
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Type of service :
Self-performed work, Health and safety, Insurance
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