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Cartier and Montmorency Subway Stations

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Twenty thousand passengers a day were expected to use the Cartier station, one of three stations on the 5.2 kilometre extension of an existing AMT subway line from Montreal to Laval.  The other two stations are de la Concorde, a transfer point for the Montreal/Blainville commuter train, and Montmorency, the terminus, also constructed by Pomerleau.

Pomerleau executed the whole of the work required to open the Cartier Station:

  • All the structural elements and finishing of the station, including a gallery leading to a ventilation airshaft as well as an above-ground structure housing the subway access building and the AMT bus terminus;
  • Construction of the ± 200 m double track tunnel;
  • Relocation of a storm water sewer measuring more than 3 metres as well as the municipal services and public utilities, including tearing up and rebuilding Cartier Boulevard and the Marigot sewer;
  • Removing the temporary detour road and improving the area of des Laurentides Boulevard intersected by this detour road;
  • Mechanical and electrical works for both the station and 1.5 km of tunnel.

Construction of the station and the tunnel involved excavation in both the overburden (contaminated soil) and the rock.

Existing structures adjacent to the work site required particular attention.  The Pomerleau team used a technique seldom employed in Quebec to avoid any problems with settling or collapse of the soil: construction of a 320 m long impervious bentonite-cement wall.

The surface finishing of the tunnel inverts, which support the running surface of the subway trains, must be completed within the extremely strict tolerances required for the installation of the running rack, guide bars, rails, etc. in another phase.

Pomerleau's second contract to construct was the Montmorency station, the terminus.

Pomerleau did all the major work on the Montmorency station, which has five levels: underneath the platforms, the two platforms themselves, mezzanine, upper landing and exit level. The following gives an idea of the extent of the work:

  • 55,000 m² of formwork, often very complex, of which some 80 % is architectural (visible concrete with designs on it);
  • 25,000 m³ of concrete;
  • 205,000 t of fill.
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public transit, subway
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Self-performed work
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