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Héma-Quebec Research Centre

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Héma-Quebec is responsible for supplying quality medical transfusion and transplant products that respond to the needs of the Quebecers.

Located on the campus of Laval University, this new three-storey, 9, 800-m² research centre houses the following:

First Floor
  • Production:laboratories; 8 cold rooms,temperatures varying from -20ºC to +4ºC).
  • Receiving and storage areas.
  • Histo-Québec:Classes CL 100,000, CL10,000, CL 1,000 and CL 100 clean rooms.
Second Floor
  • Administration
  • Cafeteria
  • Call Centre
  • Server room:fire protection system; pre-action system limits amount of water to which electronic systems are exposed.
Third Floor
  • Laboratories: Haematology; Research and Development; Bioproduction(constructed to CL 100,000 and Health Canada GMP/US FDA standards.
  • Hermetically sealed areas with positive pressure cascades.
  • 3 cold rooms.
  • Class BSL 3 containment room with airlock and negative pressure cascades; conforms to Health Canada's biosecurity standards.
Electromechanical Systems
  • Electricity: 25 kV network through a 2,500 A service entrance; a UPS (uninterruptible power supply) continually filters the feed current. 800 kW back-up generating system maintains critical environmental conditions/equipment during power failures.
  • Heating/Cooling: supplied by Laval University's systems with back-up boilers and chillers in case of failure.
  • Ventilation: a total of 10 ventilation systems meet each sector's specific environmental requirements.
  • Underground, accessible via campus network of underground passages.
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Design build
research, cleanroom, parking
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Alternative financing & procurement, Financing, Value analysis
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