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CFA Copper Foil Sheet Production Plant

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Designed and set up for a production capacity of 2,600 tons/8 machines, this plant was constructed jointly with Tecsult inc.  The thin (19 to 140 microns) copper foil sheets produced are shipped in rolls and used in the manufacture of electronic components.

The plant's 400 m² Class 10,000 Clean Room ensures optimal conditions for quality control of the copper sheets. The area around the copper foil cutting machines is a Class 1,000 semi-clean zone.

Elsewhere, several areas were given architectural treatments to limit dust and corrosion that could create acid fumes. Scrubbers were installed to eliminate 99% of the acid content of emissions from the copper dissolution and treatment solutions as well as the copper foil coating and treatment processes. The scrubbed air is returned to the atmosphere.  All the components of this filtration system are made of fibre-reinforced plastic (FRP).

The Production Centre is also equipped with a water purification and wastewater treatment facility to treat corrosive solutions.

The 22,000 m² building has a steel structure with open areas that allow for the use of overhead travelling cranes in different areas of the plant. The ground floor sits on a slab on grade with perimeter foundations and the first floor on a structural concrete slab that supports heavy loads.

A 25 Kv electrical service entrance is connected directly to the main substation. The electricity is redistributed to 7 secondary substations, a total of 27,000 A (18 MW capacity).

Pomerleau's Main Responsibilities:

  • Preliminary and Detailed Cost Estimates and setting budgets.
  • Work Packages, division of the work into 8 phases and planning the Calls for Tenders.
  • Budget control.
  • Resolution of technical problems on site.
  • Supervision of the technology transfer of the European process and alignment with Canadian construction standards.
  • Management of the Master Schedule, including identification of the numerous advance purchases required.
  • Management of pre-operation testing, commissioning, end of contract documents and obtaining the Substantial Completion Certificates as well as the Final Completion Certificate.

Pomerleau's Principal Achievements:

  • There was no written data on how the process works in the firm's model plant in Luxembourg. The Pomerleau team was able to apply its in-depth understanding of design and detailed engineering to the technology transfer of this extremely complex industrial process.
  • The foil production process was modelled using REBIS 3D. Visualizing the thousands of gravity flow pipes used in the acid, electrolysis and other treatments of the copper meant that 92% of the clashes were avoided. 
  • The project was delivered on schedule, the start-up was a success in all respects and the plant opened exactly on time.

Phase 2 involved the addition of process equipment to bring the plant's annual production capacity to 5,200 metric tons.

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plant, metal, copper
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