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R/D Tech Research Centre

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World leader in the non-destructive testing of metal structures, R/D Tech moved to new facilities delivered by Pomerleau in 2002.

Researchers occupy almost 70% of the new building. The rest houses a high-precision machining plant, offices, stores, two cafeterias and four conference rooms. It is equipped with a passenger elevator, a freight elevator with a capacity of 11,340 kg and a parking facility for 310 vehicles.

The two-storey building has a surface area of 9,900 m2, half of which is on the ground level.

The building is clad in 6 different materials: masonry, prefabricated concrete panels, particle board with a weatherproof seal, glass (curtain wall and a ribbon of windows), siding and Corten steel panels, which are installed on frames.  Corten is the material in most evidence as it covers almost half of the outside walls.

The project was completed within the original deadlines and budget.

Type of project :
Industrial, Offices, Research
Type of contract mode :
Guaranteed maximum price (GMP)
plant, office, research
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Type of service :
Value analysis
Year of construction :
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Printed on: October 20, 2016