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Centracare Facility

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This 50-bed hospital is an integral part of New Brunswick’s mental health services system and provides highly specialized psychogeriatric and psychosocial rehabilitation programs. Sixteen beds dedicated to the psychogeriatric program. The other 34 beds are for patients who need long-term institutional treatment to prepare them to reintegrate into their communities

It was constructed as a public/private sector joint venture by the Province and Cardinal Pomerleau Ltd., a partnership formed by Pomerleau and Cardinal Inc., a New Brunswick construction company.

This new modern facility has been designed to provide a residential environment while meeting the functional needs of its patients.

The building is a single level steel structure with a surface area of approximately 3,450 m² and 3 large skylights. Most of the rooms are singles and there is a large activities room, family room, occupational therapy rooms, chapel, and hairdressing salon. A staff cafeteria and offices were also built. Enclosed courtyards allow residents to enjoy the outdoors in privacy and safety. A facility-wide computerized personal alarm system for the staff can pinpoint the troubled area.

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Design build
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Alternative financing & procurement, Financing, Preconstruction
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