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Regina Assumpta College

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This contract was the third to be awarded to Pomerleau by this busy and expanding private school and involved construction of the Garnier Building and enlargement of the Maxiforme facility.

The Garnier Building is clad in brick, natural stones, curtain wall and zinc, which not only blends with the existing buildings but also adds to its prestigious look. It has three stories, each 480 m²:

  • 1st:  Study hall with 200 seats, each with a computer hook-up.  It is a truly multifunctional room that can be used for receptions and other activities, given its size. Its circle of windows provides lots of natural light.
  • 2nd: 4 classrooms with a capacity of ± 40 students.  Each student has their own laptop computer hook-up.
  • 3rd: 59 music studios for private lessons and four teacher’s offices.

The partitions are constructed of concrete block and gypsum board in order to maximize the acoustics and the life of the walls. Patterned linoleum on the floors adds a warm, inviting tone.

To avoid columns that would block sight lines in the Study Hall, the design incorporated prestressed post tensioned beams to maximize the clear spans.

To preserve the parking spaces and school bus access, the building's first floor was constructed some 4.9 metres below ground level. The central entrance features coloured glass panels that favour natural lighting.

Pomerleau also enlarged the Maxiforme facility by 1, 200 m².This immense room has a gypsum board and exposed concrete ceiling, mirror walls and Mondo flexible floor covering. There are also two large family locker rooms and consultation rooms for physiotherapy, nutritional advice and so forth.

In 1998, Pomerleau constructed the 4-storey 5,600 m² cultural and sports facility ($16 M). It is divided into 3 sections, one for the semi-Olympic pool and gymnasium, the centre for the mechanical rooms and the third for the fitness facilities, music and ballet studios, multifunctional room, Internet café, and a services area. 

The structure is concrete with a steel frame to support the roof and prestressed beams were used. Post-tensioned slabs on two levels minimise the number of load bearing elements in the music, ballet and aerobics rooms. The pool area is two stories high as is the gymnasium above it. "T" beams, the longest is 65 feet, support the gymnasium floor.  The building's exterior PVC skin is clad in brick, limestone and curtain walls.

The previous project involved the 1989 addition of 3,717 m2 to the existing 4-storey college for classrooms and laboratories as well as the renovation and retrofit of the existing building.   

Type of project :
Cultural and Recreational, Educational
Type of contract mode :
Stipulated price, Construction management
school, high school, sport
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Type of service :
Health and safety, Insurance
Year of construction :
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