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CITEC, Saint-Laurent Technoparc (11 projects)

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CITEC, the 3 million m² Saint-Laurent Technoparc, is dedicated to pure research. 

Pomerleau was General Contractor for all 11 projects. The firm's mandate included both preliminary and detailed cost estimates, preparation of budgets, scheduling and schedule management.

All of the buildings are structural steel and clad in brick and/or architectural concrete blocks with bands of windows covering 30% of the exterior walls. Their ventilation and air conditioning systems are located on the roof.  All but one are 2 stories high and their surface areas range from 1,860 m² to 4,875 m².  Most have distinctive entrances featuring curtain walls.

In addition to the laboratory and research facilities and the special features described below, Pomerleau built offices, administrative areas, conference and meeting rooms, cafeterias serving hot meals, employee recreational facilities, five exterior parking lots accommodating from 80 - 150 vehicles and did the landscaping for three buildings.

Block C
Thales Avionics Canada: A laboratory with two product and testing benches occupies 100 m². The laboratory had to be constructed in such a way as to maintain precise ambient temperatures, relative humidity and lighting.

Block H
AWE-Aimco/ID Biomedical:The ground floor was leased by AWE- Aimco.  This firm had 450 m² of laboratories and workshops and administrative offices occupied the rest of the space. Some 375 m² of ID Biomedical's second floor location houses their microbiology, chemistry and radioisotope and culture laboratories, sterilization facility, etc. The laboratories are maintained at a negative relative pressure by the chemical hoods that vent through the roof.  The main laboratory equipment, including the freezers, is connected to an emergency back-up generator.

Theratechnologies: The building was designed to accommodate three future expansions including a full third storey and has a lobby that measures approximately 200 m². There are biomedical research laboratories (750 m²), facility for cleaning and sterilizing laboratory equipment, sequencing room, a darkroom and an anti-explosive storage environment for solvents (30 m²). The laboratories are maintained at a negative relative pressure by the chemical hoods that vent through the roof.  The main laboratory equipment, including the freezers is connected to an emergency 65 KW back-up generator.

Bio-Inova Life Sciences International: The building is one of the Technoparc's "Industrial Condos". The main entrance is in curtain wall and serves both the ground and second floors. Each storey has a surface of 1,500 m². We built laboratories, two Class 1,000 Clean Rooms measuring 23 m² each and 7 Class 100,000 Clean Rooms, with areas of 144 m², 72 m², 18 m² (2 rooms), 37 m² and 15 m² (2 rooms), for a total surface of 304 m², a cold room, a darkroom and installed an effluent neutralization system.

ART Advanced Research Technologies Inc.: The most important feature of this renovation project was the construction of a 51 m² Class 10,000 Clean Room with the necessary installations to bring it to a Class 1,000. Other work involved workshops adjacent to the Clean Room.

Block B
Neurochem Inc/ MethylGene Inc.: Another "Industrial Condo", this building provides each of the two tenants with 1,000 m² of space.  Pomerleau constructed the building and finished the interior, which includes microbiology, chemistry and radioisotope laboratories. The laboratories are kept at negative relative pressure by chemical hoods vented to the roof.  The main challenge of this project was to maintain ambient temperature and humidity taking into consideration the high concentration of chemical hoods.  The installation of a large capacity heating and cooling system proved to be the answer.  The main laboratory equipment is linked to an emergency back up electrical network fed by a 350 KW generator.

Mindready Solutions: In addition to the outdoor parking lot, Pomerleau built a tiered parking facility with 100 spaces.  The testing and research laboratory has an area of around 600 m².

Exfo Protocol,formerly Avantas Network: The main entrance to the building is distinctive with its magnificent lobby featuring a grand staircase from which one can see the interior glassed-in passageway.

Ecopia Biosciences: The building includes chemistry and cellular biochemistry (800 m²) laboratories, computer room, magnetic resonance imaging, sequencing room, and laboratory equipment cleansing, janitorial and sanitary facilities.

Origenix Technologies (company ceased operations in the fall of 2002): The construction of this single storey building with a total surface area of 2,050 m² took into consideration a possible future addition of another 1,000 m². The research laboratories covered an area of some 900 m² and there was also a computer room, a sequencing room, laboratory equipment cleansing and sterilization facility and a darkroom. The building incorporates two 80 tonne capacity ventilation units with integrated heat recovery.  The main laboratory equipment, including the freezers, was set up with connections to an emergency back up electrical system powered by a 260 KW generator.

PhageTech occupies the second floor of this building. Approximately 475 m² is allocated to research laboratories, cultures, sterilization facilities and related services.

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Offices, Research
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office, research
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