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Hydro-Quebec, Administrative and Service Centres (13 projects)

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Hydro-Quebec wanted to centralize offices and services located in various leased premises and sought delivery of turnkey projects that responded to all of its needs and standards. Pomerleau was mandated to construct several multiple uses Administrative and Service Centres to meet these objectives.

Each centre has offices, a garage, mechanical room, workshops (electromechanical, carpentry and/or telecommunications) and a warehouse.  In some cases, Pomerleau also did the landscaping.

Delivering the projects on schedule was of paramount importance as Hydro-Québec had already notified the proprietors of the premises it was renting that the leases would not be renewed.


  • Most of the buildings are 2 storey steel structures.
  • The sophisticated safety and security systems installedincluded camera surveillance, access control, fire detection and fire alarms.
  • Pomerleau constructed a heliport that meets all Transport Canada's norms and standards at the Rouyn installation.
  • The Rouyn and Orléans sites posed special challenges. In Rouyn, the site was marshy and very difficult to access. The Orléans site had a 15° slope and several different kinds of soil as well as rock.


Type of project :
Type of contract mode :
Design build
hydroelectricity, office
Type of service :
Alternative financing & procurement, Financing
Year of construction :
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