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Best-in-class integrated solutions

We are always striving to find a better way for our clients. Our teams are empowered and entrepreneurial with a common goal and proven practices. At Pomerleau, we are versatile. We take pride in doing many things and in doing them well.

  • Alternative financing & procurement

    Alternative financing and procurement (AFP) includes public private partnerships (PPP), which encompass services offered to public agencies seeking a private partner for periods ranging from 20 to 30 years.
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  • Sustainable construction

    Pomerleau is aware of the impact construction activities have on the environment and of the relevance of a green approach for the community and the users of its built facilities.
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  • Financing

    Within the framework of turnkey and PPP tenders (finance-lease), Pomerleau has developed expertise in the financing of public infrastructure projects.
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  • Value analysis

    Pomerleau provides value analysis services, a highly efficient technique that ensures projects are designed and carried out in accordance with their initial rationale.
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  • Preconstruction

    To help clients meet their objectives, Pomerleau can help you choose the right experts from its large network of preconstruction specialists ranging from Newfoundland to Ontario.
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  • Self-performed work

    Pomerleau can carry out work with its own forces and in different specialties, including earthwork, foundations, formwork and concreting, heavy lifting, and marine construction.
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  • Health and safety

    Pomerleau cares about the health and safety of its workers, clients and partners.
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  • Insurance

    As general contractor and project manager, it is necessary to consider risk management among our top priorities so as to protect our clients adequately.
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  • Building information modeling

    BIM is used to generate and manage a comprehensive and intelligent 3-D design model of the future building.
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Printed on: October 24, 2016