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Our Civil Works

Pomerleau positions itself as a leader in civil works projects

Since 1983, Pomerleau has been undertaking civil engineering projects, and in 2001, created a division for this very purpose. The company has expertise in transportation, marine works and heavy industrial.

Through its acquisitions, Pomerleau has developed a solid expertise allowing expansion into complementary sectors.

For example, Borea Construction has extensive experience in renewable energy projects, particularly in the construction of wind farms. This business unit's wind farm activities include the construction of access roads and foundations; the assembly, installation and erection of wind turbines; electrical works (connector networks and transformer substations), permitting and engineering (civil and electrical).

Through its strong reputation, Neilson has established an industry benchmark in the achievement of large-scale civil works. For the past 50 years, it has delivered larger-than-life projects, particularly in the areas of hydroelectricity, transportation infrastructure, underground works, pipes, and tunnel and pipeline networks.

These alliances enable Pomerleau's Civil Works team to take on your project with its own forces using experienced staff, cutting-edge equipment and custom methods. Furthermore, motivated and effective teams direct and deliver your projects fully respecting quality and safety objectives.

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  • Transportation

    Pomerleau has made its marks in large-scale transportation projects such as: highway ramps, subway stations, bridges, interchanges and so on.
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  • Maritime

    Pomerleau was readily assigned rehabilitation and construction projects by port authorities.
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  • Energy

    Pomerleau has impacted the history of energy development in both energy transportation and production.
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  • Heavy industry

    Pomerleau brings its process expertise and proficiency to all its industrial clients.
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