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Building information modeling

For some time now, POMERLEAU has been using an intelligent, highperformance building modelling method: BIM (Building Information Modeling).

BIM is used to generate and manage a comprehensive and intelligent 3-D design model of the future building. Based on this model, we are able to see the building constructed virtually before the first shovelful of earth is overturned, and we can understand its energy performance and its different internal environments before the windows are installed. It's a digital model that: 

  • Shows the physical features of the building in three dimensions;
  • Is linked to the schedule (the 4D);
  • Includes all the information related to construction elements (architectural, structural and mechanical); and
  • Centralizes all documentation from the consultants both in terms of site management and building operation.

An invaluable asset is the ability to verify the design in 3D to prevent conflicts between architecture, mechanical and structure, thereby significantly reducing change orders even before the start of construction. Other advantages include being able to both verify and optimize site planning
by examining the virtual construction.

A direct link from this model to the costs of materials and labour enable us to use cost estimation techniques to advantage and track the progress of construction. The same process can be applied to civil and industrial projects.

The adoption of BIM is part of our continuous improvement process. This process introduces major changes that enable the company to be at the forefront of the North American construction industry through a greater mastery of construction and a higher quality of buildings.


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