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As general contractor and project manager, it is necessary to consider risk management among our top priorities so as to protect our clients adequately. The scale of our operations combined with our buying power means Pomerleau enables to meet the insurance needs of all types of work it chooses to undertake. It is also well positioned to satisfy the most stringent requirements of our clients. Thanks to our rigorous risk management policies and worksite safety measures, we can obtain the best coverage for our clients.

As leader of the construction industry, Pomerleau has chosen AON, the leader in construction insurance in Québec and in Canada, as its strategic partner for the implementation of insurance and bonding programs, contract analyses, and claim settlements. Pomerleau's senior teams of professionals, in collaboration with our partner, can therefore review all the risks related to carrying out a particular project. Pomerleau counts on a team that is entirely dedicated to serving the different participants of the construction industry so as to provide optimal coverage for its clients.

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Printed on: October 23, 2016