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Construction management

Construction management is a type of contract under which an owner names a manager as key advisor for carrying out a specific project. The construction manager's responsibility is help with the preliminary planning of the project's construction requirements; provide expert advice on scheduling, budgets, potential savings, supply, and design specifications; advise and ensure that all services and specialty trade contractors carry out the work accordingly; plan and set the work schedule, as well as coordinate and supervise the work of specialty trade contractors; help manage the project by providing clerical and technical services; coordinate inspection, implementation, and delivery of the project and manage warranties issued by specialty trade contractors.

These services are payable as per a fee schedule established according to the scope of the work and the duration of its execution. Pomerleau has a great reputation and exceptional expertise in this form of contracting. The company guarantees prompt and efficient involvement, as well as specialized tools and management processes to ensure ceaseless and rigorous monitoring of all the stages of your project.

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