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ÉTS and Pomerleau bring a research chair to fruition

The business section of La Presse recently conducted an interview with Pierre Pomerleau, President and CEO of Pomerleau, to understand what led him to invest effort and money in the creation of a BIM Industrial Research Chair in partnership with École de technologie supérieure.

While Pomerleau had only some knowledge of BIM (Building Information Modeling) in 2011, it was nevertheless ready to make a shift towards this approach that allows the virtual modelling of a building prior to its construction.

"We started working with ÉTS and in about two years, we went from zero to 15 BIM experts."- Pierre Pomerleau, President and CEO of Pomerleau

Today, the company has extensive expertise in BIM and so that stays on the cutting edge of this evolving methodology, it continues to invest in this approach. Mr. Pomerleau thinks it helps promote the construction industry and provides a real benefit to clients who decide to use it.
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