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Pomerleau wins two more awards


Pomerleau received two prestigious awards on November 19, 2015 at the Défis Marcus Vitruve gala organized by the Corporation des entrepreneurs généraux du Québec.

This second edition of the awards had 10 categories, all of which clearly illustrated the role of general contractors in Quebec and to highlight their expertise.

Pomerleau came away the winner in the Design-Build Challenge category for its participation as design-builder of the Westmount Recreation Centre in Westmount, QC; and in the Excellence in Construction Management category for projects greater than $10 million in value for its role as construction manager of the Videotron Centre in Quebec City.

The Design-Build Challenge category highlighted the challenges faced by general contractors when they not only build the project, but they also design it. The Excellence in Construction Management category rewarded general contractors who executed a project while maintaining budget and schedule, delivered high-quality construction, tightly managed multiple subcontractors, proactively dealt with the unexpected and minimized any negative impacts.  

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