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Sport Challenges

Pomerleau chose to get involved in these challenges for various reasons. One was to solidify ties between work colleagues and to further develop their relationships and their ability to work together towards a common goal, all while supporting each other.

Challenges like these ones foster a team's ability to face obstacles together while optimizing the life habits of each member and creating a real team dynamic.

Health is an important factor that is reflected in an employee's work. It's been proven that a healthy employee performs better and has more motivation.

« If you want unite people, lead them towards a common dream! »
Antoine de St Exupéry


  • Montreal-New York 2014

    From May 1-4, 2014, Pomerleau employees participated in their third sporting challenge. This time, 188 employees ran from Montreal to New York City - a total of 609 kilometres - in 72 hours. Each runner took on approximately 80 kilometres in 10-kilometre relays.
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  • Cycling Challenge 2010

    From September 16 - 18, 2010, 100 Pomerleau employees decided to take on a physical challenge. And quite the challenge it was, too: cycling from Ottawa to Halifax in 60 hours. For two days, these men and women transformed themselves into veritable professional cyclists.
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  • Mount Washington 2009

    Pomerleau’s senior management team decided to take up the Mount Washington Challenge, a high-endurance event that got the whole group moving.
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